Why Watch the Game at Your Local Casino

If you don’t have tickets to your favorite NFL team’s game each week, you probably just switch on the TV at home or head to your favorite sports bar. But there’s much more fun to be had, watching the game at your local casino – here’s why…

  • Sports bars are crowded. This is especially true for playoff games such as the Pro Bowl and of course, the Super Bowl. But even for regular weekly games, your local sports bar is probably crammed full. That’s fine for some, but others prefer a space where they can catch every play without being jostled or straining to get a good view of the screen. Meanwhile, your local casino has plenty of TVs so there’s not a bad seat in the house, and far more space.
  • Food and drinks are more affordable. Even though sports bars often run game day specials, food and drinks are their business, so you can easily spend $50 or more on the snacks and beer you consume throughout the game. A casino’s business is mostly in the betting side of things, so food and drinks are significantly lower in price for customers.
  • Variety of activities. At your local casino, you can enjoy the fun of gaming and try your luck at games of chance and strategy, in addition to catching the game. Whether your team wins or loses, you have a chance to win while playing table games, strategizing at the poker table, or trying pull tabs.  

The Washington Gold family of casinos has nine locations, scattered primarily throughout the Greater Seattle area, but with two in the Tri-Cities. Each of them are great spots to catch the game and enjoy some of the best casino gaming and entertainment available.

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