Drawbacks of Online Gambling in Washington State

Few industries in even fewer states have as strict a background as online gambling in Washington. Our state has some of the most harsh laws on online gambling, followed by steep penalties for breaking them – making a bet over the Internet remains illegal in the state to this day.

Beyond the legal ramifications of online gambling in Washington, there are some additional drawbacks.

A gambling addiction is a serious problem for a lot of people, and the ease of playing online poker can intensify this struggle. Since an Internet connection and access to a computer and funds is all that’s necessary for online gambling, an individual on the path to addiction (or an addict), has fewer impediments to the behavior, and therefore may develop an addiction more quickly. The more public nature of gambling on-site at a casino, travel required, and addiction support offered by a brick-and-mortar casino may help reduce the risk of developing an addiction.

‘The Economy’ is a significant point for everyone these days, even if you are not struggling. By gambling at a brick-and-mortar casino, you’re contributing to your local economy – not just by spending money; your business allows the casino to employ their staff, who also contribute.

Your skill as a player may be enhanced with training in and knowledge of a variety of different casino games. While online gaming is more limited site-to-site, you can explore and practice a variety of up to dozens of games and betting at a brick-and-mortar casino. Increase your skill with different aspects of poker at various house-banked table games such as Spanish 21 and Baccarat, and then test your strategy at a classic poker tournament.

A minor drawback of online gambling is that you miss out on discounted food and beverages. Brick-and-mortar casinos typically offer full bars and restaurants, and since gambling is the focus of their business, their margins allow for more reduced prices than you’d find at other restaurants. When you play at a local casino instead of online, you can take advantage of this and enjoy great refreshment at a reduced cost.

Online gambling in Washington is illegal, but there are more reasons than just legal ones for playing poker at your local casino instead of an online poker room, as we’ve discussed here.

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