Washington Gold Restaurant Spotlight: Gold Rush Café

Washington Gold Casinos are not just about offering a fantastic casino gaming and poker playing experience, we also have a focus on providing delicious food and beverages for our guests to enjoy! Several of our Seattle casino locations have there very own restaurants next to the gaming areas, so that you can enjoy a date…
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Poker at Washington Gold Casinos

Poker is very popular at many of our Seattle casino locations! We regularly host several tournaments for exciting rounds for all parties involved. Some popular tournaments at our casino locations include No-Limit Hold ‘em Poker Tournaments, (some with $500 or $1,000 guarantee), Turbo No-Limit Hold ‘em Poker Tournaments or Bounty No-Limit Hold ‘em Poker Tournaments.…
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A Brief History of The Spanish 21 Card Game

Since we have Spanish 21 gaming tables at each one of our Washington casinos, we felt that it might help to share more information and history about the card game. Not only is Spanish 21 a fun and exciting table game, it has roots in one of the most classic casino games out there; Blackjack.…
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